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Curiosity Lounge is changing to Graceful Homeschool

When I homeschool I like to take a break every six weeks and evaluate how things are going. During this break, I can make adjustments and change how we use our curriculum. I recently took a break from Curiosity Lounge while we moved and I reevaluated how this new blog is going. 

I love the idea of being curious about topics and other people but I found the website name to be too vague. Curiosity Lounge doesn’t specify who we are as writers and who you are as a community. I needed a name to accurately reflect our focus and the topics we want to write about in the future. 

The name Graceful Homeschool is inspired by the only magnet on my refrigerator. Last year a friend gave me a magnet that says, “Choose Grace.” At first I thought it was too sentimental, but over time this magnet has reminded me to calm me down and to have grace for myself and other people.

We need vats of grace in our daily lives and we especially need grace in our homeschools.

This blog is still in its earliest days and I didn’t feel like it was too late to make this tiny pivot. Thank you so much for having grace for me as I make sure this corner of the internet helps you along in your homeschool, find books you love, and inspire you when doubts and frustration arrive.

I’d love to know in the comments if you have any questions about homeschooling or books. I know there are a lot of resources available to homeschooling families, but we’d love to help answer any questions you have about this exciting and scary journey of educating our kids.

What would like to know more about in the world of homeschool?

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