Currently Reading Podcast: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Deep Dive

In episode 43 of The Currently Reading Podcast I had the privilege of leading a deep dive into Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. One of my goals was to help their listeners find new books for the Currently Reading 2019 Reading Challenge. I hope I convinced readers to pick up a novel they wouldn’t have previously considered reading because it is shelved in the Science-Fiction or Fantasy section.

If I had covered every book on my list then the episode would have been 4 hours long so I compiled them all here at Curiosity Lounge.

I’d love to hear in the comment section below which books I missed and if you have thoughts and opinions about the books listed here.

Science Fiction Set in Space

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury


The Martian Chronicles tells the story of humanity’s repeated attempts to colonize Mars.

Why you should read it:

Ignore the weird cover. It’s a short classic first published in 1950. What makes this book fun is that it is told in short stories. Each of the stories are written in a different style, but they all contribute to one story. Some are in the style of Edgar Allen Poe and another one is a comedy.

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A Summer Homeschool Refresher: Teaching From Rest

“God doesn’t call us to this work and then turn away… He promises to stay with us, to lead us, to carry us.”

– Sarah MacKenzie, Teaching from Rest

Are you crumbling under the burden of providing the “perfect” homeschool experience for your children? Do you lie awake at night evaluating your performance each day and finding that you just don’t measure up to your own expectations?

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When You Choose Not to be an Internet Person

A few years ago I had given up on being an internet person who wanted to build a following to share a message. I still consumed blogs and social media, but I didn’t contribute anything to discussions online. My last major project has been deleted from the internet. There wasn’t any reason to keep the website alive. I have kept a personal blog up and flirted with becoming a Christian writer. Then I thought I would write and become a book blogger. I even received galleys and ARCs to review online. My last few personal blog posts talked about homeschool curriculum, because I could point people to my latest post when they asked which curriculum I use.

Making Homeschool my Full-Time Job

As my kids grew they needed more of my attention on their education. At some point I read a blog post by Pam Barnhill titled “Dear Self: Why you stink at homeschool consistency” and her advice struck a chord. Pam encouraged homeschool educators to think of their role as a full-time job. I realized that I couldn’t juggle homeschool, taking care of my family, and consistently publish anything online. I made a choice to focus on schooling my three kids as if it were a regular Monday through Friday job.

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