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When You Choose Not to be an Internet Person

A few years ago I had given up on being an internet person who wanted to build a following to share a message. I still consumed blogs and social media, but I didn’t contribute anything to discussions online. My last major project has been deleted from the internet. There wasn’t any reason to keep the website alive. I have kept a personal blog up and flirted with becoming a Christian writer. Then I thought I would write and become a book blogger. I even received galleys and ARCs to review online. My last few personal blog posts talked about homeschool curriculum, because I could point people to my latest post when they asked which curriculum I use.

Making Homeschool my Full-Time Job

As my kids grew they needed more of my attention on their education. At some point I read a blog post by Pam Barnhill titled “Dear Self: Why you stink at homeschool consistency” and her advice struck a chord. Pam encouraged homeschool educators to think of their role as a full-time job. I realized that I couldn’t juggle homeschool, taking care of my family, and consistently publish anything online. I made a choice to focus on schooling my three kids as if it were a regular Monday through Friday job.

When I made homeschooling my priority all my guilt about writing and publishing evaporated. I still wrote, but it was when I was helping my kid write a biography about Amelia Earhart or a short story showcasing dialogue. Each of my three kids needed me for different educational needs.

Some unexpected bonuses happened when I chose to focus on my family’s needs. I found had more time to keep up with laundry, cooking delicious meals, and keeping my house tidy. I used to read blog posts encouraging me to let the laundry pile up and ignore messes so I could have more time to write. I enjoy a clean house and it was really nice to have time keep the house swept and cleared of clutter.

The best side effect of choosing not to be an internet person was how my husband’s business became more profitable. He had more time to grow his business, because I was able to manage the home business and cook meals. As my children grew into elementary years I didn’t need him to take time off of work to give me breaks. He could spend more daytime hours diving into complex tasks. If I had spread myself thin then he wouldn’t be as successful as he is now.

Keeping Private

I also didn’t want to write online, because I wanted to keep some parts of our lives private. I am fascinated how some online businesses and blogs use their children in their work. There isn’t one right or wrong way to include someone’s kids in their business. That decision is a personal choice for each family. I’m still figuring out what I will share online about my own kids, but for the last few years I wanted to keep their lives offline.

Why am I here now?

I am here now, because I have time to focus on building another website. This a super fun hobby for me. My kids are on summer break and I find myself with some unexpected free time. I also recently listened to Sarah Mae’s podcast interview with Logan Wolfram called When Your Dreams Fall Apart and it began to stir up old feelings. I will never achieve Logan’s level of professional success, but I related to Logan’s story of being a leader and later focusing on local hospitality and being a baseball mom. A conversation with my friend Heather about the online world got my head spinning again. Finally, a talk by Brave Writer’s Julie Bogart at the Wild+Free’s homeschool conference nudged me to look at what I enjoy doing when I’m not schooling or managing our daily lives. I found that I enjoy conversations on the internet and building graphics even if my skills aren’t the most polished.

Why Curiosity Lounge?

In my next post I’ll share why Curiosity Lounge exists and the fun we are going have in this new old-school blog.

Have you have taken a break from something and found some unexpected benefits?

Photos by Agnieszka Boeske and Nathan Fertig 

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